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Home Inspection Tips

27 Nov Home Inspection Tips

Needless to say, purchasing a home is a huge investment. When making such a large purchase, it is crucial to have someone give your new purchase a full physical inspection. You wouldn’t want to purchase a car without having a mechanic look it over first. The same mentality should be used when it comes to buying a house. A few home inspection tips will go a long way in ensuring your new investment is in good shape before you commit to anything.

One of the most important home inspection tips I can give is to make sure and find a reliable home inspector to do the job. If you are asking your real estate agent for a referral, ask for several names and take the time to meet with the inspectors and interview them before hiring them for the job. Do not go cheap here. Simply hiring the cheapest inspector is not always the best advice. The cheapest inspectors are often the least experienced. Make sure that your new home is properly inspected by a person with the most amount of experience, technical savvy and ability.

If you are building a new construction home, be sure to have an inspector look it over. Too many people simply assume that new construction does not require a home inspection but this is not the case. Contractors have been known to cut corners. Just because a new home passes local codes and ordinances does not necessarily mean that it should not be properly inspected.

One of the home inspection tips that I always recommend is for buyers to be sure and go along on the inspection. Too many people fall into the trap of over-emphasizing the small stuff and (even worse) minimizing potential problems simply because they were not present during the inspection. Tag along with the inspector. Ask questions and get a first-hand feel for the inspection. It will pay off in the end.

There are many more home inspection tips to consider but these are some of the critical ones to be sure and follow to help ensure your new home is given the best inspection possible.